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First, About The IAPDA

A Long History – Over a decade of service to the Consumer Debt Relief Industry!

The IAPDA was formed in the year 2000 to provide the new and fledgling debt settlement industry with a fully online training and certification program for individuals providing debt settlement services to consumer clients.

Since 2000 the IAPDA certification training program has provided companies of all sizes the necessary industry orientation and training needed for company customer service staff and debt consultants, certifying individuals who successfully complete the certification program.

The IAPDA certification training course materials have been updated and expanded many times over the years, more than doubling in size from the original course size.

The IAPDA Today – Completely consumer focused with total membership transparency of our 3400+ graduated members! Consumers can easily verify IAPDA membership and certification status with an online search by name, company and city.

Latest IAPDA Blog Posts

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